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Decision-making made simple.

JustDecide is a simple, fast and fun decision-making tool for groups of equals. It combines the fast pace of centralized decision making with the diverse perspectives of a group.
Basic usage will be free forever. No strings attached.
So, how does it work? Imagine you want to go for lunch. Your friend Alice really wants to eat pizza but your other friend Bob is gluten intolerant, so that's a no-go for him. Of course, you don't want Bob to become sick, so you respect his veto. In the end, you go to the canteen. It's not the favorite option for anyone but it's viable for everyone. JustDecide works exactly the same.
You can veto show-stoppers and show your dislike or love on a sliding scale to reflect your gut feeling. Then the magic happens and the app tells you the result. Instead of using a voting tool and then having to discuss if this really works for everyone, simply use JustDecide.

Possible Applications.

JustDecide can be used for all kinds of group decisions. To give you some inspiration, here are a couple of ideas:


Which technologies and apps to use

Which topic to talk about next

Which features to build with your product team

What team event to do

Which side project to pursue


Where to order lunch

To which school your kids should go to

Where to go for vacation

Which instrument to learn

Which book to read

JustDecide for Teams.

Traditionally, the boss was responsible to make decisions for the team and he would take the blame for bad decisions and the glory for the successful ones. In modern companies, individual contributors are empowered to make decisions themselves as they are the experts and this allows them to move more quickly. However, they rarely work alone and their decisions sometimes affect the whole team.
The conflicts arising from this are tackled differently: Some try to get input from everyone beforehand to reach consensus in the whole group. However, in groups of more than five people, there are often too many opinions, lengthy discussions and in the end, decision-making in the group is too slow and cumbersome to be effective. This quickly leads to the second approach of ignoring the group decision-making completely and instead individuals or smaller groups try to fly under the radar with their own decision to get something done and create a fait accompli.
JustDecide lets teams make a decision within 48 hours, guaranteed. Everyone still has the chance to veto options that are no-gos from their point of view but everything else is simply on a scale from dislike to love. Due to the veto option and scale, the resulting decisions deviate from a simple majority vote but they don't contain any show-stoppers according to your experts. Thus, they are viable and actually move the team forward.

Because it works.

Start using the principles of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as specified in RFC-7282 in your group today. The IETF has a long history of providing practical solutions and has build many of the foundations of the modern internet. Their famous mantra goes like this:

We reject: kings, presidents and voting.

We believe in: rough consensus and running code.

Dave Clark

Proceedings of the 24th IETF, 1992

Thus, the so-called rough consensus stands for neither a centralized decision-making nor a democratic one. Instead, everyone in the group can veto options that are considered no-gos. Furthermore, decisions rarely have clear yes or no answers. Instead, different options have different advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the RFC-7282 recommmends to use humming in meetings, which is both anonymous and allows to express your gut feeling more strongly than a show of hands. In JustDecide, you can simply use the like slider to do the same.

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